Work Package 05

Mosquito-Borne Diseases Use Case Scenario


This WP is aimed at Project objective 6 - To test and evaluate the VEO system in a mosquito-borne disease use case scenario and define key user requirements for VEO functionalities. The specific WP objectives are:

5.1 Use citizen science to augment exotic mosquito detection probabilities at high risk targeted areas, previously identified through mining of public data (WP 01, WP 02),
5.2 Produce a reliable citizen science baseline data collection on mosquito abundances and biting patterns to feed and improve risk model predictions on Aedes, and Culex borne diseases (WP 02),
5.3 Test whether risk targeted metagenomics and systems serology (WP4) can be used for catch-all surveillance of emerging diseases (in collaboration with WP 06)
5.4 Explore how data outputs from citizen science, metagenomics, serology, and other data, can be used for public health risk assessment using mining tools and workflows developed within the VEO system (WP 01, WP 02).

WP 05 will closely interact with WP 06 concerning the role of insect vectors for the flavivirus - wild bird interactions.