Work Package 06

Zoonotic Wildlife Use Case Scenario


This WP is aimed at Project objective 6 - To test and evaluate the VEO system in a zoonotic wildlife disease use case scenario. The main aim of this ZOWI scenario is to substantially improve the prediction of incursion and spread of HPAIV, USUV, and WNV via wild birds in Europe, as well as to assess the risk in real time of the zoonotic and pathogenic potential of emerging virus strains. The key questions of WP 06 are:

1. Can we predict and inform control of the incursion and spread of zoonotic avian viruses by sophisticated predictive analytics combining big-data surveillance and molecular sources?
2. Can we assess the zoonotic and pathogenic risk of zoonotic avian viruses in real-time by use of a fieldable high-throughput sequencing assay?
3. Can we identify the key wild bird species acting as reservoirs or long-distance carriers of zoonotic avian viruses in Europe by a combination of tools developed in VEO for molecular and serological surveillance?